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National Forensic Crime Laboratory

Federal Bureau of Investigation

215 Federal Parkway

Quantico, VA 03477-3341




Date:            02/17

Item No.:     FC-11102566 

Lab No.:      190111018

Re:                Communication - 02/15   

Examiner:    Dr. Robert Frain    




Q100.01    White t-shirt with substantial blood spatter





The subject garment was delivered via sealed container from the forensics team on site. Proper chain of evidence protocols were observed at each step of delivery and handling of the evidence. 


Trace DNA samples were recovered from ten different sites on the garment. DNA recovered was amplified using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for analysis.

Sample    % Match    Identification

001          98.5%         Lisa Howard        

002          98.1%         Lisa Howard   

003          99.3%         Lisa Howard     

004          97.0%         Unidentified male    

005          97.8%         Lisa Howard     

006          98.6%         Lisa Howard     

007          99.6%         Unidentified male    

008          98.4%         Lisa Howard     

009          95.5%         Lisa Howard   

010          99.2%         Lisa Howard    

DNA trace evidence from the undentified male referenced above was too degraded by exposure to bleach to be useful to make a positive DNA identification. 


*** End of Report **


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