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I have a confession to make.


I allowed you to complete my challenge.


I will admit I never believed an amateur detective like you could successfully complete the quest.  But when I realized that you were nearly there, I decided to permit you to reach the end.


I watched your progress closely.  Very closely.


When you were studying my puzzles, turning over possible solutions in your mind, did you perceive the sensation of a presence with you there in the room?


Did you have the feeling that someone was standing right behind you, perhaps staring over your shoulder?

Did you have the urge to turn around and look, but made yourself continue to focus on the work at hand?

I have been with you, my amateur detective, the entire time.  


I may be with you right now.


As you read this, are you tempted to turn around to see if I am behind you?   

You may not see me, but I will be there.  And we will have another game, you and I, at a time and place of my choosing.  Until then, I'll be watching.

I am true to my word and I will now release my captive.  She may need a bit of time in the hospital, but shouldn't be too worse for wear after a week or two.  I'm a bit tired of having a house guest anyway.  The fun went out of it when she lost the capacity to scream.  

Until next time, take care,


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