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The Downtown district is home to many important locations including the F.B.I. field office, the Grantham Hotel, the historic Earnhardt Building, the Basilica of St. Michael, and the Lancaster Museum. The district is home to Forrest City's oldest law firm, Oglevie, Thorn & Sharpe. Other notable downtown businesses include Cecil's Cafe, Bacchus Wine Bar, Dante's Books, and Christopher's Curiosities. 


Most of this economically impoverished neighborhood in Forrest City was built long before the invention of the automobile. The area is nicknamed the Narrows due to its narrow, winding streets. Much of the architecture of the Narrows is a throwback to the early days of the industrial revolution: grimy buildings, dark alleys, and crowded spaces. Notable places in the Narrows include the Crown Pub, Sinner's Alley, Five Points, and Trinity Church.


The Harbor District began in the 1800's as a working port populated primarily by sailors and dockworkers. It is now a mix of condominiums, deteriorating buildings, and a variety of businesses catering to either end of the economic spectrum that exists in the area. Notable places in the Harbor District include the Blue Martini, the Ericson Art Museum, the Bull Theater, and the historic Lancaster Hotel. Vistors can also tour a restored clipper ship, the Ajax.

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