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The serial killer known as the Raven has struck Forrest City several times over the past two years. All of the Raven's killings and crime scenes relate in some way to the writings of Edgar Allen Poe and he typically leaves behind cryptic messages and puzzles. The Raven also abducts victims for the purpose of engaging directly with the FBI in contests of intellect. He creates puzzles and challenges for the FBI to solve with the life of the abductee as the “prize.” 


Benedict Dawes was an explorer who lived in the late 1800's. He based his expeditions from Forrest City, often aboard the clipper ship Ajax.  Dawes explored the jungles of Central America in search of the Mayan LOST CITY, the deserts of Egypt in search of the TOMBS OF THE PHARAOAHS, and many other archeological sites around the globe. Dawes' trusted aide-de-camp for his expeditions was former Forrest City Detective John Shaw.


Marta Perez is an investigative reporter who writes for The Forrest City Tribune. Perez was instrumental in exposing the secrets of the Raven and the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of young Rachel Lancaster.  Perez knows just about everyone of importance in Forrest City and is an excellent source of information.


Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Alex Reyes is in charge of the FBI's Forrest City field office. She has conducted investigations into serial killers and murders including the Raven, the Mad Hatter and the Dragon.  Last year, Reyes was abducted by the Raven and held captive until a special consultant for the FBI was able to solve the Raven's challenges and obtain her release.  Reyes' second-in-command at the FBI field office is Special Agent Liam Grant.

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