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History's most infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, was never identified or caught. In 1888, the Ripper killed five women in the Whitechapel area of London. These five are generally called the “canonical” victims of the Ripper. Then the Ripper murders in London’s East End mysteriously stopped.

Based on a study of the historical record, there is little doubt that Jack the Ripper relocated from London to Forrest City. On August 27, 1891, the Ripper murdered his first victim in Forrest City. He murdered two more women in 1891 and 1892, and a fourth victim narrowly escaped from Jack the Ripper on March 27, 1892. The methodology of the killings, the profiles of the victims, and other evidence conclusively show that Jack the Ripper left Whitechapel and came to Forrest City.

#Serialkiller #Historicalmystery

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